Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!! Sure have missed posting, but life gets crazy at times. Just wanted to share a few stories about these crazy kids of mine. Hope this finds you all well!

The other night we were all sitting around watching the Olympics (enough leotards already). Benton and a friend were playing a game and his daddy called. I gave the phone to Benton and he asked his daddy if he could please call him back because he was playing "Honey Nut Cheerios". It took a second to process, but when it did I almost fell in the floor laughing. They were playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O. If you aren't in the floor right now...seek therapy fast!

The next funny story is about Aqua Globes. If you ever watch the infomercials, there is this globe that holds water and then a stem that extends off of it and it is used for watering your plants. So Benton recites infomercials and this is how it went: "They water your plant without you having to do it. And the best thing is they come in 4 great colors. They are red, green, blue and even MONKEY colored". He was actually at my mom's when the description was told...she called me immediatley and told me. I think I almost wrecked! So for those of you who haven't figured it out by now he said red, green, blue and even MULTI-COLORED!!! Hilarious, right?!

Then there is Bailey, who I am guessing is going to be a little like her mother. I have wanted her to be a little girl for so long and now she has finally done it. All of a sudden, my 21 month old wants to pick out her own clothes. So the other morning we were in her closet and she was saying "shoo-shoo". So I got the shoes she wanted and I tried to pick a dress accordingly. Oh, but no! She got to pick that also. Then right before we left her closet, she picked out a bow. So I decided to roll with it that day and let her be her own person! You can see the results above. A turquoise bow, purple flowered dress and pink and orange shoes. If that ain't hot I don't know what is!!!