Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Week for Me and the Babies!!!

I know it has been forever, but i decided to post a quickie on how things have been. HECTIC is the only word coming to mind at the moment. Anyway, I have really missed my blog world, but please know my mother keeps me up to date on every one of you. It is hysterical when she says "did you see so and so?" and I'm like "no, what?" She cracks me up!

Brad and I close on our house today-he is buying me out. And then Friday I close on my house for me and the kids...I CAN'T WAIT!!! We are all packed and ready to go Saturday morning when the movers get here. If any of you are free and want to ride over, c'mon!!! HA!

Lindsey, I don't know if you ever received my answer to your question, but I am getting my Bachelors in Health Administration.

Yall have a great week and will talk to you soon...