Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trying to Play Catch Up!

Hey chicks! Sorry I haven't been good about staying in touch. As you read in a previous post, I ranked myself as CRAZY for going back to school while going through a divorce, going to school, and taking care of 2 kids. Definitely not looking for sympathy, but WHAT WAS I THINKING? My social life is very important to me and believe me when I tell you I have been very out of touch with it. Mainly this blog...anyways...I am back for at least a couple of paragraphs :)

Sooooo I just finished my first class. It was 3 weeks long and I thought it would never end. In 3 weeks I have written 5 papers, given 3 oral presentations, and learned more about the bible than I have in 30 years. One of those is a plus and I will let you decide which one. My next class in Management Information Systems. At this point, I am strongly considering one of those sites where you can buy a "degree". NOT!!! But don't think it hasn't crossed my mind every time I think about school at 30. I actually have 3 other girls in my class and we have gotten close so we really help one another out. Thank God for them or I wouldn't even know what my next class entails. One of them told me to just give her my passwords and she would look it up for me-thanks sista! The one positive thing I can say is I have gotten a 100 on all my papers! Don't remember much of that back in the day...

Benton and Bailey are growing like weeds. Of course, thanks to mom, they never miss a beat and don't even know their lives have been turned upside down. Bailey is talking her little head off and finally making sense. She says "thank you" to everything so at least she has that going for her. Benton is doing good too. He gathered some "twigs" out of the yard, straw from the broom, and bricks from the side of the house the other days and built the 3 little pig's house. I have attached the picture. He told me the reason he built a brick house was because our house was brick and it never got blown down. Then stuffed the twigs and straw inside the bricks to make it extra strong. Go head lil man...I added a pic of them from the pool also. Benton was tired and wanted to lay/lie (whichever) on the chair. Bailey was very concerned about him and went to lay/lie with him. She calls him Bent by the way and it is the sweetest thing.

The other pictures are from the beach trip back in July. They start with Bailey washing her feet off at the beach. Keep in mind she was carried everywhere, but because we were doing it she wanted to also. Then there is Benton who is like giving salute, blocking the sun, and pointing at a plane all at the same time. Bailey has that "I hope no one saw that" look on her face. I just happened to turn around at the right time to catch this one.

I have loved reading all of your blogs. Yall truly have amazing lives and I am so glad you all have been so blessed. I'll try not to take so long updating next yall and have a good week!