Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prayer Request

Hey everybody! I have a special prayer request. It isn't for me, but acutally for someone I don't know. My supervisor at work told me today about his best friend's 4 year old son whom they learned has a malignant brain tumor. Long story short is he had been complaining of not feeling well and had classic symptoms of meningitis. I had actually shared the story of Lindsey's friend with Corey (my supervisor) and it triggered him to mention meningitis. So they took their son to the ER and were sent home with no real diagnosis. For a couple of weeks the child didn't feel well so they just kept "treating" him. His hip and leg started hurting so they took him to see a pediatric orthopedist and the dr recommended a bone scan. It was hot (meaning there was activity in the hip and femur). The dr decided to biopsy his hip and when it came back negative for bacteria, he instantly told them either leukemia or cancer. Somehow they ended up doing a head scan, probably and MRI, and decided it was malignant and they had to act fast. So the child went to Blair E. Batson today and started treatment. So please add them to your prayer list! I can only imagine being those parent's shoes. Corey also said they were probably going to have to sedate the sad! Love you all and kiss those babies extra tonight...

Monday, August 25, 2008

College at 30... am i out of my mind?

I start Belhaven on Wednesday and couldn't be more nervous. The funny thing is I wasn't going to read over the material they gave us until tomorrow night. I figured it was just a quick overview of what the class was about. WHATEVER!!! I had to read 2 bible verses and write my interpretation, read Belhaven's bible verse of the year and write a paragraph on how it applied to me, do 3 online modules that took about 2 hours total, read part 1 of this book and write a 2 page paper on it and then apply what I read in the book and edit my 2 page paper. They even want me to turn in the draft and the real paper. And to top it all off, they want me to voluntarily read the intro to the class and have any questions ready for the professor. So to say the least, next week I will be a little more on top of my game. There are only 18 people in my class and the instructor told us there would be a few people weeded out. Pray that I am not a weed!