Sunday, January 11, 2009

LSU game and Christmas!

I am going a little backwards with the pictures, but bare with me. Mike, Mom, Ashley, and I all went to Atlanta for New Years to watch the LSU game. It was a lot of fun. We went down on Tuesday and came back Thursday. Of course, the best part was watching LSU whoop Georgia Tech. Ashley and I went so far as to make up our own "chant" every time LSU did something good. It went something like this: "Go tigers, it's your birthday, Go tigers, it's your birthday....HHHAAAAYYYY!" Needless to say, everyone loved it. Maybe except for the GT fans, but oh well.

Of course the kids had a great Christmas! To sum up what they got...both got the trampoline...Benton got a bean bag, Hot Wheels track, Bendaroos (infomercial-he loves them), Glow Station, basketball goal (that mom and I put together wrong-hilarious), and a million other things. Bailey got a kitchen, baby bed for her umpteen babies she got, baby high-chair, easel, bean bag, twin babies w/ a stroller, and all kind of hair accessories. I included a couple of pictures of what Santa left. What were Santa's elves doing when I was growing up? On freaking holiday?! Just kidding Mom! They loved everything and I loved watching them enjoy it! It's amazing how a 30 year old grown woman can get so short winded on a trampoline! HA! (and for the record I still can't figure out how to get my pics to post in the middle as I am telling the story and not all at the top).