Sunday, January 11, 2009

LSU game and Christmas!

I am going a little backwards with the pictures, but bare with me. Mike, Mom, Ashley, and I all went to Atlanta for New Years to watch the LSU game. It was a lot of fun. We went down on Tuesday and came back Thursday. Of course, the best part was watching LSU whoop Georgia Tech. Ashley and I went so far as to make up our own "chant" every time LSU did something good. It went something like this: "Go tigers, it's your birthday, Go tigers, it's your birthday....HHHAAAAYYYY!" Needless to say, everyone loved it. Maybe except for the GT fans, but oh well.

Of course the kids had a great Christmas! To sum up what they got...both got the trampoline...Benton got a bean bag, Hot Wheels track, Bendaroos (infomercial-he loves them), Glow Station, basketball goal (that mom and I put together wrong-hilarious), and a million other things. Bailey got a kitchen, baby bed for her umpteen babies she got, baby high-chair, easel, bean bag, twin babies w/ a stroller, and all kind of hair accessories. I included a couple of pictures of what Santa left. What were Santa's elves doing when I was growing up? On freaking holiday?! Just kidding Mom! They loved everything and I loved watching them enjoy it! It's amazing how a 30 year old grown woman can get so short winded on a trampoline! HA! (and for the record I still can't figure out how to get my pics to post in the middle as I am telling the story and not all at the top).


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I came across your blog...are you from Dothan? You look soooo familiar. I'm Sara Allred (formerly Sara Skaggs).

Brandy said...

Yes...I left Northview in the 11th grade. Moved to MS. When did you graduate?