Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got a 4.0!!!!

The funny part about my 4.0 is I have only taken one class. What will be even funnier is when I get done with the class I am in now and it drops to a 2.0. My instructor isn't exactly willing to answer our questions-he simply says "Google it". Thanks and I'm paying you $1500 a class for what?!!! Anyway, the craziness has gotten a little more tolerable. Just trying to stay focused on a bigger paycheck one day (priorities people) :)

Benton and I have been discussing Halloween. Now, I am not a "halloweeny" person, but I will let the kids dress up and go trick or treating. Ghosts, witches, and all the other scary stuff that goes along with Halloween does nothing for me and I don't want Benton sleeping with me anymore than he already does because of one night out of the year. My point to all of this is, he wants to be Batman. We already have these big wing things and mask his grandmother bought him, a Batman candy bucket, and the gloves. I told Benton we needed to work on getting him the rest of his costume (black pants and shirt) and he told me he already had it. When I asked what he was talking about, he quickly told me he could wear his Blues Brothers suit with his Batman stuff. I told him Oh NO he couldn't and it was on! So needless to say, he may be a winged Blues Brother this year.

Now Bailey on the other hand is still too young to care. So she will be a LSU cheerleader. End of story...