Sunday, September 14, 2008


First of all I want to say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" How in the world do you women have time for a blog, facebook, and kids? I almost fell out when I saw the number of responses I got from people accepting me as their friend. Some of them I didn't even know and when I tried to figure out how to learn more about them I just said forget it. Maybe it was a patience problem (which if you know me it probably was), but I will need Facebook for Dummies before going back there. So if you need me, is where I'll be!

Also, for the ones that didn't notice my color scheme...I MADE IT PURPLE AND GOLD!!!!!!



becky said...

haha!! i noticed, but didn't comment for reasons of difference of opinion lol!! unfortunately you joined facebook right as they changed it, and new facebook sucks!! i haven't figured it out either. i hate it!!

becky said...

both boys have red hair and they get it from my father in law. he had red curly hair. luke's is curly and seth's is straight. luke's is getting so dark, i doubt it will be completely red by the time he is a teenager, if it is at all. seth will stay, i'm pretty sure. he has too much blonde in it for it to change much. and yes...they come with the red head temper/attitude!!

Kellie Patton said...

I got on FB for a while and loved it, then my workplace blocked it and I can't get on anymore - it was addicting to me - I kept finding more and more people - I guess that's the purpose though!