Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Music on my blog

You may never hear music on my blog. I have been messing with the Playlist website for well over an hour and you are still reading my blog in silence. I got all the way to the point where it says copy and paste this random address to your website or profile. WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THAT MEAN? So at this point I have a playlist created, but it is out in WWW land waiting for me to figure out how to play the dang thing. Suggestions are welcome!

Enough about that...I was just sitting here doing my blog thing when Benton comes in the kitchen and says "mama, is it ok if I tidy my bed?" Uuummmmm..."sure baby" was all I could come up with because I didn't want to break his heart and tell him he was about to be sleeping in it (although I think he knew). Then he comes back and says "mama, since I just tidied my bed, and I really had to use my brain to do it, I think I will just sleep with you". It was hilarious! I wish that was all I had to use my brain for. How about yall?! For real doe!

I really do have funny stories to tell about Bailey, but she is at the point where only her people really know what she is saying. Her favorite things to say are "No Bent"(she says this no matter how sweet he is being), "juice back mama" (that basically means put that crap in the sippy cup back where you got it and give me the Diet Dr Pepper), "nack pease" (surely you can figure that one out and she doesn't like to wait on portions...the bag/box it comes in will do just fine) and her new favorite is "tee-tee". I just go with the flow on that one. Basically we got to the potty, she sits there the normal amount of time it would take an actual tee-teeing person to go, wipes and then says "off". I guess at least she is getting the concept. I can't wait for the day I don't have to buy diapers. Pull-ups I can handle for bed, but diapers are ridiculous. That is the industry we should all be in. Everyone has to have them and no one is insane enough to do the cloth ones.

Later Tators!


aedozier said...

You crack me up! I almost spit my Diet Coke on my computer screen! I talked to Brandi and I think we are going to start the planning stages of our trip to Jackson! Call me tonight when you put the kids down and we'll chat.

Brandi Bartee said...

Madison or bust. Maybe we should write that on the car windows with shoe polish like the old softball days. I enjoyed talking with you last night and hope you have an awesome weekend.

Lindsey said...

that's hilarious. and call me insane, because i'm using cloth diapers with grady! now don't think i use them 100%. there's no way i do it traveling, etc. but they are extremely easy to use and much better for the environment and my bank account! i can't help with the music thing--mine is silent too.