Friday, August 8, 2008


One of my favorite things to say is "whatever" and it can mean a bunch of different things. It really doens't matter who I am talking to. I try not to say it in front of Benton and Bailey, but since it is my nature it always comes out. So today when I picked Benton up from daycare he was in rare form. I know it is because he has been around all of those "really nice kids" at daycare all day and he is just in that mode. Anyway, when we got in the car he wanted something to drink and I didn't have anything to give him. I told him I was sorry and we would be home soon. He said under his breath "I sure am glad my brain didn't let me say whatever". I almost fell out! I guess at least he knew where it would have gotten him if he had said it. And with Bailey repeating everything everyone says, I am glad he didn't say it either. I am afraid they are going to be just like me...they won't turn out so bad after all :)

On a different note, my little Benton won't eat anything other than chicken nuggets (they have to be certain ones), pizza (it has to be a certain kind), PB-don't dare put any J and grilled cheese. Suprisingly there are no stipulations on the grilled cheese. But he did inform the other day I could also buy him carrots and apples. So I was thrilled of course and even called him from the grocery (he was at my mom's) to make sure I got the right kind of carrots. They are fermenting in the fridge as I type. So if any of you have any tips, tricks or voodoo you use on your little angels to get them to eat I would be most grateful to hear about them. He is 4 1/2 and probably only weighs 35 lbs. I may be giving him more credit than he deserves because I can only compare him to Bailey who will eat anything. And I know she weighs well in the 99th percentile. The girl will eat sushi, olives off a pizza, anything dipped in ketchup, etc. Help...I need high calorie decent foods for my boy!


becky said...

oh sister...benton has met his match. luke is faaaaar worse. the pickiest eater on the planet. he will eat peanut butter crackers (must be ritz), not a pb sandwich. he will eat pizza, but will eat most any kind of that be it home made, frozen or "pizza in a box" (ordered). he has just now started eating it with meat on it. he otherwise will NOT eat all. (he did until he was 1.5 years or so.) he used to eat grilled cheese, but also gave that up. he'll eat spaghetti (most any kind) and lasagna. that is pretty much it for "supper" type foods. he eats cereals, cereal bars, poptarts, muffins, applesauce (he only likes peach and pear flavored) puddings, he used to eat corn on the cob, but not any more and used to eat butter beans...but not sure if he will now. he basically eats crap. but he is long and lean like his daddy. he is easily 44-45 inches and weighs 47 lbs. he has always been in the >90%. so i don't worry about it. they say they will grow out of it. if it's crap, basically he'll eat it lol!! i just make sure i give him multivitamins (and i buy the viactive multivitamin b/c it's kind of like a tootsie roll...he won't eat anything fruity or gummy oddly enough) and every couple of days i let him have an ensure to get more nurtients into him.

i wish i knew what to tell you. but mine is even worse. i figure when he is 14 he will eat me out of house and home so it will even out.

Anonymous said...

In BS lingo, "Whatever" does not mean anything other than everybody else has a problem except for BS!!! I know because I raised her! I have been on the receiving end of the "Whatever!" and the "eyes rolling into the back of her head" for years!!!! I love that girl!!!!! :)~